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Low Cost Housing

What is Low Cost Housing?

Low cost or social housing is often government-run or government-funded apartments that are based on your annual income and the size of your family. Rental costs are calculated by a percentage of your total income.  

Manitoba Housing considers special circumstances regarding who gets priority for social housing. Special circumstances include: 

  • At the risk of being homeless because of aging out of system care, CFS has told you that you have to move or get housing for the well-being of your children, a person with a disability who needs support but their family or supportive housing can’t provide it, or family separation 
  • Experiencing homelessness (shelter, street, couch-surfing, hotels/motels) 
  • Domestic violence survivor who is in a crisis shelter, second-stage housing or staying with a friend or family
  • Discharged into homelessness (medical or correctional) 
  • Home destroyed by fire or flood 
  • You cannot work because the care for your child with disabilities is full-time work 


  • You earn a low income. You can find the provincial definition of low income here
  • Provide a list of your rental history. This might include rental agreements or rental receipts  
  • Be a Canadian citizen, Permanent Residence or a refugee claimant  
  • Your utilities costs

How to Apply

Fill out the application. If you don’t have a printer, any Futures Forward office can print and provide you with one.  

Submit your application in person or through mail. You cannot email the application. You can find the nearest address to you here 

Any changes to your income or the size of your family changes have to be reported to Manitoba Housing or it could impact your application. When you receive a letter or email confirming your application number, it will likely have contact information; that is who you call when a change happens.


Need Help?

If you haven’t filed your taxes in order to prove your income, contact one of the Futures Forward Financial Counsellors.  

If you need help with the application, contact one of the Futures Forward Youth Service Navigators. 


Looking for Help?