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Rental Assistance Program

Rental Assistance program (non-EIA) 

Rental Assistance Program (RAP) can provide you with up to $636 towards your rent. The calculation is based on your last year’s tax return.  Haven’t done your taxes? Contact the Futures Forward Financial Counsellors and get your taxes done for free.  


  • You are paying rent or room and board & have a rental agreement or lease 
  • Over 18 
  • Your last year’s tax return with an income of less than: 
  • $25,440 for a single person 
  • $28,720 for a single person who qualifies for the Disability Tax Credit  
  • $32,000 for 2 people  
  • $41,400 for 3 or 4 people 
  • $52, 640 for 5 or more people  

Not eligible if: 

  • You are receiving EIA (Employment and Income Assistance)
  • You or your common-law partner live on reserve
  • You have an outstanding warrant 
  • You rent with Manitoba Housing
  • You receive other rental subsidies
  • You live in student housing  

How to Apply

  1. Calculate how much you can receive using the online estimator 
  2. Print the application  
  3. Get important documents together 
  4. Proof of Income through last year’s tax return  
  5. Completed direct deposit form and have your bank stamp it  (the application has a specific form) 
  6. Copy of your lease or rental agreement 
  7. Canada Child Benefits notice (if applicable) 
  8. Copies of any funding you are receiving for school 
  9. Social Insurance Number (SIN) – for you and anyone else over 18 living in your home 
  10. Complete the application

Email, mail or drop off your application here:

Manitoba Families Provincial Services – Rent Assist Community Service Delivery Division
100 – 114 Garry Street, Winnipeg, MB R3C 4V4
Telephone: 204-948-7368
Toll Free: 1-877-587-6224
Fax: 204-945-3930
Email: incsup@gov.mb.ca  

Canada-Manitoba Housing Benefit – Youth Stream

This benefit can provide former youth in care with up to $250. This money can be sent directly   to you, your landlord or someone you trust. You can receive payment for up to 24 months.


  • You aged out of care within the last year
  • You can be on EIA, working and/or receiving money from other rental assistance programs. This does not exclude you
  • You must be receiving rental assistance (Rent Assist)
  • Live in a privately owned property (not run by the government or a non-profit)
  • Have a rental agreement or lease
  • Your last year’s tax return with an income of less than:
    • $28,720 for a single person
    • $32,000 for 2 people
    • $41,400 for 3 or 4 people
    • $52, 640 for 5 or more people

How to Apply

Gather important documents and information:

  • Your CFS Agency name and address
  • Your CFS case worker name, phone number, and email
  • Name, address and contact information for your landlord
  • Your current utility costs
  • Your tax return or pay statements to prove your income
  • Information about other monthly income like child support, child tax, AYA
  • Social Insurance Number (SIN)
  • Landing date (if applicable)
  • Copy of your tenancy agreement or lease
  • Either a void cheque or your bank stamps the direct deposit form in the application

Fill out the application

Submit your application and supporting documents to:

Manitoba Families Provincial Services
100-114 Garry Street Winnipeg MB, R3C 4V4
Telephone: 204-948-7368
Toll Free: 1-877-587-6224
Email: incsup@gov.mb.ca

Wait for a response. If you don’t receive an email back within 5 days (not including the weekend), it’s ok to email or call and ask if it was received.

If your family size or income changes you need to let CMHB people know by filling out and submitting this form or calling 204-948-7368.

If you receive this benefit, you are required to fill out a renewal form. You can do so by filling out this form or calling 204-948-7368. 

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